Montione's Biscotti Wholesale
We welcome specialty distributors, coffee shops, restaurants, stores, cafes and markets to contact us to get more information about our company and wholesale biscotti. Call Mary Montione at our bakery at 508-285-4777 or 508-561-8413.

Montione' Biscotti are delicious biscotti for:

  • Gourmet Coffee Shops, Espresso Bars, Restaurants
  • Restaurants
  • Any business who serves coffee, tea or wine

  • Many reasons you can trust Montione’s as the biscotti to serve to your customers...

  • A Centuries Old Recipe. In addition to the delicious taste of Montione’s centuries old Biscotti recipe, our company has established itself as the leading Biscotti with over 25 years in business, specializing in baking biscotti.
  • Above and Beyond Safety Compliance. When you choose Montione’s Biscotti, you have the best of all worlds. Still handmade in small batches with old world techniques, our kitchen is not only government inspected, it is also independently audited by the American Institute of Baking (AIB) with an outstanding score of 910 out of 1000 showing our compliance to safety.
  • Fresh Baked in Small Batches. Montione's Biscotti are baked fresh by hand in small batches. Our biscotti are baked to order and never shelved.
  • Pure Simple Ingredients. Montione's Biscotti are baked with pure simple ingredients. We use the purest most authentic ingredients along with the artistry of handmade baking methods to match my Mother's old world biscotti recipe.
  • Buy by the Case. Buy one case at a time. There are no minimums so you can control your inventory and expenses while keeping your product fresh.
  • Many Flavors.Montione's Biscotti offers many Traditional, New England and Chocolate flavors including seasonal flavors. Rotate different flavors to create and maintain interest.
  • Bulk and Individual Wrapped with Label Option. Montione's Biscotti are available bulk or individually wrapped. Individual wrapped are available labeled.
  • Delicious Taste, Easy-to-Bite Texture Appeals to More Customers. Montione's Biscotti have a delicious traditional taste and an easy-to-bite texture that appeals to a wider range of customers. They can be enjoyed like a cookie or dipped in a beverage. They'll become an addiction which will generate repeat sales.
  • Naturally Long Shelf Life. Montione's Biscotti have a naturally long shelf life so you can use the biscotti as you need without waste.
  • Lower Fat Cookie. Montione's Biscotti are lower in fat with only four to seven grams of fat per one ounce piece, giving your customers alternatives to higher fat desserts.
  • Increase incremental (add-on) sales Don't miss a sale. Increase incremental (add-on) sales. For those customers who would not have purchased another dessert, they may re-decide to purchase a Montione's Biscotti because they are so light yet satisfying. And with a long natural shelf life, you can keep them on hand to use as needed without staling.
  • Merchandising Material Merchandising material is available for your point of sale.
  • For more information on "Montione's Biscotti Wholesale Program", email us at info@montionesbiscotti.com or call 1-800-559-1010.